ODS offers a variety of accommodations for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, including sign language interpreting, real-time captioning or CART, and closed captioned videos.

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist works with students to determine the specific course-related needs. As students register for courses, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist facilitates access by arranging interpreters or transcriptionists to be present in the classroom or online, while also notifying instructors of the use of interpreting or CART, in addition to the need for closed captioned videos.

Permitted ASL interpreters are available in the Tuscaloosa and surrounding area, in addition to video remote interpreting (or VRI). Transcriptionists are available to provide CART (Communication Access Real-time Transcription) either in the classroom or remotely.

Students are also able to request services for extracurricular or co-curricular events that are available to UA students. If the event you plan to attend has a contact listed for accommodation requests, please start by contacting that individual. If no event contact is listed, please reach out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist to inquire about interpreting or captioning for the event.