Prospective Students

Visiting ODS

Prospective students are encouraged to request a meeting with ODS when planning their visit to campus.  When planning a visit to the UA campus as a prospective student, students may request to meet with ODS as part of the visit.  Optional Open Houses are hosted during Bama Bound orientation sessions.  Once a student has registered for a Bama Bound session, contact our office to obtain the open house schedule.

ODS hosts an Open House during Bama Bound orientation sessions.  Students and their families are encouraged to view the Open House schedule and stop by for an informal visit to tour the office and meet some of the ODS staff.

Requesting Accommodations

Once a student is accepted to the University, and commits to attend, it is appropriate to begin the process of requesting accommodations.  Students should submit documentation corresponding to each diagnosis for which accommodations are needed.  Documentation will be reviewed, and the student will be notified if additional documentation is needed.

Documentation received by ODS will be acknowledged via email to the student’s MyBama account.  Once a student has received this acknowledgement, they should call the front desk to schedule an appointment with an Accommodations Specialist to discuss the impact of their disability and the accommodations they wish to request.  Appointments will be scheduled for August 1st or later.

During the appointment, the Accommodations Specialist will review policies and procedures, student rights and responsibilities, and the process for requesting accommodations each semester.

Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and staff calendars do fill up quickly at the start of a new semester.  It is recommended that students schedule appointments well in advance of the first day of classes.

Prospective Students and Families Presentation