Temporary Disabilities

Whenever possible, the Office of Disability Services will offer limited services to students with temporary disabilities. For the purpose of this memo, temporary refers to injuries or illnesses having an expected duration of one semester or less. Students whose illnesses or injuries are expected to last longer than one semester should register with ODS through conventional channels.

Registration Process for Students with Temporary Disabilities

1. Students must submit documentation of their illness or injury. Documentation must be from the treating physician and must include diagnosis, functional limitations experienced by the student as a result of the illness or injury, expected duration and prognosis, and suggestions as to how the illness or injury might be accommodated.

2. Students must meet with ODS personnel to discuss accommodations that will be reasonable and appropriate during their convalescence, given the functional limitations of the illness or injury. Students will be given a “Confidential Request for Accommodations” letter to take to professors to verify their need for temporary accommodations.

3. ODS can help implement some accommodations for students with a temporary disability. Common accommodations may include providing a scribe to write exams as the student dictates and extra time on exams. ODS can also administer exams the student may have missed due to the illness or injury. ODS can refer the student to the proper channels to obtain special parking, if necessary. Upon request, ODS will also demonstrate adaptive technology that may assist the student during his/her recovery, although the student will need to purchase or rent such technology for him/herself.

Limitations of ODS Assistance for Students with Temporary Disabilities

1. ODS has no means of providing transportation to/from class for students with mobility impairments.

2. ODS will compensate note takers for students with temporary disabilities and will allow these note takers to make copies of their notes free of charge at our office, provided the student with the temporary disability has registered with ODS.

3. ODS does not notify faculty members of student absences, nor do we provide excuses for absences (i.e., for physician or physical therapy appointments). Students are encouraged to contact the On-Call Dean at the Dean of Students office for assistance in notifying faculty members of absences related to the temporary condition.

4. ODS does not lend or otherwise provide durable medical equipment to any student (i.e., wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, motorized scooters). However, we can refer students to local providers who may rent such equipment at the student’s expense.

5. Students with temporary disabilities will not receive priority registration as a result of their connection with ODS.