Students seeking accommodations on the basis of disability are required to submit documentation of their disability to ODS. ODS is responsible for determining the acceptability of documentation, and reserves the right to require additional information.

ODS maintains the right to reject documentation that does not verify a student’s disability or justify the need for reasonable accommodations. ODS also maintains the option of seeking a second, professional opinion regarding documentation presented to verify disabilities.

Generally, documentation costs are borne by the student, as are costs of obtaining additional documentation requested by ODS. If ODS desires a second professional opinion on documentation presented, the University bears the cost.

Documentation accepted by ODS is valid as long as a student is continuously enrolled at the University. However, if there is a break in the student’s enrollment, updated documentation may be necessary.

All documentation of disabilities is received and held solely by ODS. Documentation is treated as confidential. Generally, no documentation information is released to anyone outside of ODS without the student’s informed and written consent. Documentation is destroyed six years after the last semester the student is enrolled.