Conflict Resolution

Steps in Conflict Resolution

  1. Consult ODS staff members. A meeting with ODS, the student, instructor, and/or College Representative may be required.
  2. If the conflict cannot be resolved by the above individuals, submit a formal, written appeal to the University Provost.

Questions and concerns regarding accommodations and services for students with disabilities should be directed first to ODS. If ODS staff members cannot resolve accommodations issues, ODS may require a meeting with the student, the instructor and/or college representative, and other involved parties.

If an agreement concerning an accommodation request is not reached at this point, the final step involves filing a formal, written appeal. The appeal should clearly state the basis and rationale for the concern, and should be transmitted as a confidential document.

Appeals related to courses and curricula should be directed to the University Provost at, 254 Rose Administration Building. The Provost will consider the appeal and render a final decision which will be communicated to all parties.

During the conflict resolution process, the student is entitled to receive all accommodations recommended by ODS. It is important that concerns are addressed promptly so that the student’s participation in the course, program, or activity is not affected.

ADA/504 Grievance Procedure

Student Complaints alleging violation(s) of the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, including failure to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations or discrimination on the basis of disability, may be filed with the Director & University Compliance Officer, Dr. Gwen Hood at

Unless otherwise resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the student and the University, a complainant will receive a written determination. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved within the University, complaints may be directed to the Regional Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Atlanta Office, 61 Forsythe St. SW, Suite 19T70, Atlanta, GA 30301-3104 (phone 404-562-6350; 1-800-621-3115).