Students who test at the ODS Testing Center are expected to adhere to the following procedures:

  1. The ODS Testing Center is only available to proctor tests for face-to-face courses.  ODS does not proctor exams for courses with virtual proctoring requirements.
  2. In order to maintain an orderly experience for all test takers, the doors to the testing center will remain locked at all times.  When you arrive for your test, check in at Enter your first and last name, and select that you are here for Exam Check-In. Then, enter your Crimson email and phone number, and select if you want to be notified via call, text, or both – this notification will come from testing staff when they are ready for you to enter the testing center. Please wait outside the building until you are notified that your testing space is ready. Students will not be permitted to linger in the lobby and must proceed directly to their testing room.
  3. Tests must be scheduled at least 3 days prior to the test date. It is recommended that students schedule all tests at the beginning of each semester. Students must schedule tests online through the ODS Online Portal.
  4. Space at the ODS Testing Center is limited, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The responsibility of providing testing accommodations lies with the instructor, who may choose to offer accommodations within the department. Check with your instructor prior to scheduling tests at the ODS Testing Center.
  5. If ODS testing space is full, notify your instructor immediately. Failure to do so may mean you will not receive accommodations on the test.  Instructors may refuse testing accommodations if students fail to provide timely notice.
  6. Tests must be taken at the same time as the class unless (a) back-to-back classes would prevent the student from receiving all extended time; or (b) the instructor informs ODS that rescheduling is permitted. Students should never miss one class to take a test in another.
  7. Evening testing space is reserved for evening classes.
  8. Late arrival for tests will result in an automatic time reduction corresponding to the number of minutes the student is late. Students who are late for a test may not be allowed to start the exam at ODS or may need instructor permission to begin the exam.
  9. If you need to cancel a test, you may cancel through the ODS Online Portal or by contacting the ODS Testing Center at Any requests to reschedule an exam must be approved by the instructor and will be rescheduled according to the instructor’s directions.
  10. Snacks and beverages will only be allowed in the testing rooms at the discretion of testing staff.
  11. No tobacco products of any kind are allowed in the testing rooms.
  12. Permission to leave the testing room during a test may be granted at the discretion of testing staff.
  13. Please leave your belongings at home or be prepared to place them outside your testing room.  Students cannot access their belongings at any point during a test. Phones and watches will be held by testing staff and cannot be accessed by students while testing.  Please turn your phone off.
  14. Testing areas are monitored by security cameras. Instructors may view testing videos at any time. All suspicious activity will be reported to instructors.
  15. If you are unable to schedule an exam using the ODS Online Portal, please email with any available information.


  • Students must request testing space for finals through the ODS Online Portal. ODS fills requests in the order in which they are received.
  • Students must request space during the published date and time of the course final.  Whenever possible, the class date and time will be honored; however, in order to proctor the maximum number of students, the requested date and time may be subject to change.  Students will be notified if changes are made, and the new date and time will be reflected in the ODS Online Portal.
  • The ODS Testing Center reaches capacity as early as four weeks before finals. Students who have not requested testing space by that time should contact their instructor to make testing arrangements.

Conflict Resolution

If at any point during the exam you believe you are not receiving your approved accommodations, it is your responsibility to notify the ODS testing staff immediately.