Log in to the ODS Online Portal

The ODS Online Portal is a one-stop-shop to help faculty manage accommodations.

  • Students will deliver the Faculty Notification Letter electronically to the instructor’s email inbox
    • Instructors should login to the ODS Online Portal to review all notices received from students enrolled in their courses.
    • Faculty Notification Letters will include detailed descriptions of accommodations, with links to online resources for additional information.
    • Faculty Notification Letters will contain contact information for the student’s Accommodations Specialist, so instructors will know who to contact with questions or concerns.
  • Procedures related to peer notetakers will be streamlined
    • Instructors need to identify a peer notetaker by making an announcement during class, or emailing the class.
    • Identified peer notetakers should be directed to the ODS Online Portal where they will create a notetaker profile and begin uploading notes. ODS staff, instructors, and the ODS student will be able to view notes uploaded to the portal. This eliminates the need for UA Box and Qualtrics forms.
    • ODS will facilitate notetaker payments without the need for any additional information from instructors.
  • Interface with the ODS Testing Center
    • Instructors will be able to view student exam requests, complete the Alternative Testing Agreement, and upload exams.
    • Automated emails will streamline ODS Testing Center communications with instructors, including notifications when students cancel or no-show for an exam.
  • The Faculty Portal provides a landing page for all accommodation-related information and requests
    • Instructors have access to all Faculty Notification Letters received for a given semester
    • Instructors can view requests related to testing, note-taking, and deaf and hard of hearing accommodations.