Note Taker Accommodation

ODS Students with Peer Notes Accommodations

If a student receives a peer note taker accommodation, the accommodation letter will include note taker forms for the instructor. The instructor will email an invite to view a course notes folder in UA Box, which will require that the student log in. The assigned note taker uploads notes to the folder throughout the semester.

Q: What should I do if there are no notes?

A: Contact your instructor and inform them that no notes are available. Do this as soon as possible. Contact your assigned accommodations specialist by email or at (205) 348-4285 if the instructor is unable to resolve the issue.

Q: My professor provides notes, PowerPoints, etc. Can I still get a note taker?

A: Possibly. Please contact your assigned accommodations specialist at (205) 348-4285 with questions.

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*Students who have been approved to receive notes as a disability-related accommodation are ineligible to serve as a designated note taker for other students with disabilities and, therefore, cannot be awarded a note taker stipend through ODS.