Setting Up Note Taking Accommodations

Please be aware of the following changes made to the note taking process for students registered with The Office of Disability Services (ODS):

  • Instructors are responsible for creating a UA+Box folder for the course notes and providing the appropriate access to both the note taker and ODS students (see guides below).
  • With this new system, only one note taker per course is needed.  Once a note taker is selected, that student must upload notes to the UA+Box course notes folder provided by the instructor.
  • Instructors must complete the ODS In-Class Note Taker Information – Instructor form once per course in which ODS student(s) receive notes.
  • Only one note taker reimbursement form is required per class, and the form must be submitted by finals week for the note taker to be paid.
  • Student volunteer note takers will now be reimbursed at a rate of $100.00 per course in which they provide notes, regardless of the number students receiving notes in the course.
  • This system will afford anonymity to students with disabilities.  Therefore, contact between note takers and students receiving notes is unnecessary.

Setting Up UA+Box Peer Notes

PDF Guide: Steps to Collect and Distribute Class Notes via UA+Box

Never used UA+Box before?

PDF Guide: Getting Started with UA+Box – account setup through myBama

Video Introduction: What is UA+Box?


For technical assistance and/or questions about UA+Box, contact the Faculty Resource Center (FRC) at 348-3532 or

If your students experience any UA+Box technical difficulties (including account setup), please have them contact the IT Service Desk at (205)348-5555 or



To qualify as a note taker, a student must:

  • Attend class on a regular basis.
  • Take clear, legible notes, save as a PDF or Word document (NOT Pages), and upload notes to a course notes folder in UA+Box provided by the instructor (you will receive an email invite).
  • Upload notes regularly and in a timely manner (AT LEAST once a week).

Students who have been approved to receive notes as a disability-related accommodation are ineligible to serve as a designated note taker for other students with disabilities and, therefore, cannot be awarded a note taker stipend through ODS.