Instructors and Staff

The Accommodations Process

Providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations in the classroom is a collaborative process between the student, the UA instructors, and ODS. Accommodations are provided to adjust for the limitations presented by a student’s disability, while maintaining the academic integrity of UA programs of study.

Step 1: Students Request Accommodations Letters

Students request accommodation letters at the beginning of each semester at 1000 Houser Hall. (Students may expect that it will take 2-3 business days to return and pick up accommodation letters.)

Step 2: Students Deliver Accommodations Letters to Instructors

Students deliver an accommodation letter to each of their instructors, including lab instructors and the MTLC. An instructor has no obligation to provide accommodations until they have received the accommodation letter.

Step 3: Students Arrange Accommodations with Instructors

Students contact each instructor to arrange accommodations as early in the semester as possible. Arrangements must be made with a minimum of 7 days before the accommodation is needed. Certain accommodations require additional advance notice to ODS.

Step 4: Contact ODS

If an instructor disagrees with an accommodation that has been recommended by ODS, the instructor must contact ODS promptly to discuss the matter, in order to determine if an alternate accommodation is necessary.

Until the matter is agreed upon by ODS and the instructor, the instructor is to provide the accommodations recommended by ODS.

Instructors are not obligated to provide any accommodation that would substantially alter the nature of the course.