Faculty and Staff

The Accommodations Process

Providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations in the classroom is a collaborative process between the student, the UA faculty, and ODS. Accommodations are provided to adjust for the limitations presented by a student’s disability, while maintaining the academic integrity of UA programs of study. They do not involve any lowering of standards of performance.

Receiving academic classroom accommodations at UA is a 4-step procedure:

  1. Students obtain accommodation letters from ODS at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Students deliver the accommodation letter prepared by ODS to their instructors. An instructor has no obligation to provide accommodations until s/he has received an accommodation letter from ODS.
  3. Instructors will be contacted by students to schedule accommodations at least one week before the accommodation is needed from the instructor, although, whenever possible, accommodation letters should be presented to the instructor as early as possible. This allows sufficient time for the instructor to discuss any problems about the recommended accommodation with ODS, and arrange for an alternative accommodation, if necessary. (Of course, those accommodations that require additional lead time, such as a sign language interpreter, adaptive technology, note takers, or relocation of a classroom, require additional advance notice to ODS.)
  4. Instructors may report any concerns about accommodations to ODS as soon as possible.

Accommodations are provided on a semester-by-semester basis, for students who have provided appropriate documentation. ODS determines reasonable academic accommodations for students, based on appropriate documentation and the academic requirements of the individual program. ODS also considers current academic needs of students and accommodations that have been used in previous educational settings.

If an instructor disagrees with any accommodation that has been recommended by ODS for a student in his/her class, the instructor needs to contact ODS promptly to discuss the matter, so that it can be determined if an alternate accommodation is necessary. Until the matter is agreed upon by ODS and the instructor, the instructor is to provide the accommodations recommended by ODS.  Instructors are not obligated to provide any accommodation that would substantially alter the nature of the course.